Joint FEPS & XXXVI Spanish Physiological Society Congress 2012



Joint FEPS & XXXVI Spanish Physiological Society Congress 2012
Santiago de Compostela (Spain). September 8-11


We wish to extend a most cordial and sincere invitation to everyone in the European Physiology community to attend this FEPS Congress in Santiago de Compostela.. Over recent years the Spanish Physiological Society had the privilege of holding join meetings with many other European national Societies. Given the success of these previous experiences in terms of Sciece and number of attendances we take the possibility of holding the FEPS meeting extremely seriously and will do our very best to provide you with a most memorable meeting.

With the strong support of our Society as well as the Endocrine Society of Portugal, and obviously the FEPS together with the expected support of all relevant national scientific bodies we have been planning the congress well in advance so that the process will go smoothly and we look forward to a wonderful congress that will be scientifically superb and socially enjoyable.

The 2012 Congress is plan to be held in the Faculty of Medicine, a venue with all the facilties to hold such a meeting and that have used for holding more than 200 similar events over the last few years since most Congress organized in our University are held in this facility.

It is envisaged that the Congress will begin with an opening ceremony and a gala reception with entertainment. A number of plenary lectures by distinguished scientists and symposia sessions will be held over the entire event. There will be a full program of plenary lectures, symposia, oral presentations, and poster sessions.

The scientific programming of the Congress is being planned by an International Scientific Programming Committee . The program committees will ask for input from the National Societies , and they will welcome suggestions from the international physiology community on symposia and hot topics to be considered for the Congress. The form for proposing symposia will be set up at the web of the SECF.

We are confident that our superb program committees, with the help of your input, will come up with an outstanding scientific program. Santiago de Compostela is a city with many attractive features for visitors and usually excellent weather conditions at the date the Congress will be held. We sincerely hope that you will come to join the physiologists of the world at this most important event for international physiology

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